BUCK SMURL Owner-Operator of CAMP ALASKA, an Alaskan Guide Service & Wilderness Lodge. Buck is a lifelong Alaskan with an unmatched knowledge of the outdoors. His quick temper is balanced by his calm attitude in a crisis.

EDNA SMURL Buck's lovely wife and Lodge Manager. A shrewd organizer and tireless worker, Edna's reputation for uncompromising toughness is only exceeded by the reputation of her sourdough blueberry pancakes.

WILLY WHITLOCK Co-Pilot and Chief Troubleshooter for Buck & Edna. Historian, Philosopher, and all-around Great Thinker, Willy is renowned for his uncanny ability to fix or build anything with little more than a roll of Duct Tape and a Ball Peen Hammer!

BUCK JR. Buck & Edna's 19 year old son. An avid sportsman like his Dad, Junior has taken over those activities that Buck has left to those young & stupid enough to try them. Junior is currently learning to be a cook for remote camps and eventually hopes to land a job in Prudhoe Bay! Heh,Heh,Heh...

EARL WELLES A former motorhome salesman from Cactus Bluff, Texas, Earl believes his boundless enthusiasm and neighborly ways make him a welcome addition most anywhere. Earl loves the outdoors, but is woefully ignorant of Alaskan ways... However, this has never stopped Earl before!

MARSHA WELLES Earl's charming wife and a top distributor for WonderLife International; the world's largest shop-at-home-service. Marsha convinced Earl to move north when she inherited her Uncle Ed's 350 acre Alaskan homestead.

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